Yoga Burn Review

This Yoga Burn review will examine the Zoe Bray Cotton DVD set that was designed to help women get a healthy and toned body. Some people take up yoga because they think that it’s an easy but effective way to lose fat, but unfortunately for them, their dreams of yoga-induced toned body doesn’t always come true, and this is because they keep performing the same yoga exercises again and again, which is a mistake. The truth is that although almost all yoga exercises have certain health and fat loss benefits, they will not give you the well-toned and beautiful body you crave unless you actually find them a little challenging.

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The Zoe Bray Cotton Yoga Burn DVD set was specifically designed to address this particular goal, and is meant to help women develop the fit and healthy bodies that they’ve always wanted. So if you would like to learn more about this program and what it has to offer then here’s what you need to know.

What is It?

The Yoga Burn video uses Dynamic Sequencing in order to push your body to a healthier figure without hurting it in the process. The idea behind this system is that yoga needs to be “dynamic” in order to provide tangible weight loss and body building results. What this means is that it’s not enough to perform yoga. You will also need to perform yoga that you actually find challenging, as this is the only way that you will be able to develop a better and healthier body.

How Does It Work?

The Yoga Burn Zoe Bray Cotton system was developed according to the principles of Dynamic Sequencing, which provides a series of increasingly difficult and challenging yoga poses for you to perform. Because the program constantly pushes you to overcome more difficult physical challenges, you are able push your body into to developing a more feminine and well-toned figure, as you progress along the program.

Aside from the exercises themselves, it’s also worth mentioning that each video in the program offers different yoga techniques that will keep you guessing what comes next. This way, you will never get bored while you’re performing different poses. It is a full body yoga exercise program that offers increasingly more complex and challenging yoga exercises.

You start off with the Foundation Flow, and as your body adapts to this challenges, you gradually try more and more difficult poses in the Transitional Flow techniques until you get to the Mastery Flow and with it, the results you have always wanted. In this way, you are able to develop a healthier and more well-toned body gradually in stages.

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What Do You Get?

The Yoga Burn System includes a variety of training videos and eBooks to help you complete the entire program. However, if you are also willing to pay for shipping and handling, not only will you be able to digitally download the entire product, you will also get the complete physical collection. You have the option of choosing a digital download copy of the program and/or a complete physical collection.

In addition to the main products, there are also bonuses available. These include:

  • The Follow Along Audio Classes
  • The Tranquillity Flow
  • The Immersion Yoga Network

Pros and Cons


  • It is designed specifically for women.
  • It teaches women how to avoid common yoga mistakes.
  • Each and every part of your body is affected, which means that you won’t have to worry about imperfect results.


  • A small number of people who have little experience with yoga may have trouble with this system.
  • Some of the yoga poses are a little difficult to perform for beginners.


This Yoga Burn DVD review can conclude that it is indeed an effective program for women. The Zoe Bray Cotton system will improve your body’s metabolism, build up your muscles and progressively introduce you to more challenging yoga exercises which are designed to make you fitter and healthier. You will finally be able to get that well defined, aesthetically pleasing toned body you have always desired over a short period of time.

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